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The HCC401 hair clipper is ideal for men who value functionality and quality. Robust construction, stylish design and universal blue-black colour will appeal to every user.#13#10#13#10Thanks to its battery- and mains-powered operation, the clipper is very easy to use and does not require access to a power socket while clipping. The high-quality nickel-metal hydride battery allows for continuous operation of up to 50 minutes. The battery has no memory effect, does not need to be formatted and therefore does not lose its maximum capacity so quickly. The time needed to fully charge the device is 8 hours.#13#10#13#10The design ensures easy removal of the blades, which reduces maintenance time to a minimum. The efficient DC motor guarantees energy efficiency and high working culture of the device.#13#10#13#10The blades of HCC401 are made of ceramic. This material is characterised by exceptional strength and resistance to abrasion and dulling. Additionally, it is completely resistant to corrosion and chemically inert, which makes it an ideal material for blades, significantly extending their life and cutting efficiency in comparison to other materials.#13#10#13#10The adjustable hair length attachment (from 3 to 24mm) ensures ease and comfort of use. The robust design makes the device easy to grip and does not cause fatigue even during prolonged use of the shaver. It also comes with machine oil to lubricate the blades and a brush and comb to make styling the hair easier. The HCC401 hair clipper will allow you to create the hairstyle of your dreams without leaving your home.#13#10

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