Panasonic alkaline battery LR6/AA Pro Power - 4 pcs blister



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PANASONIC ALKALINE BATTERY 6LR61 / 9V PRO POWER - 1 pc blister#13#10Alkaline batteries from the Premium segment are designed to provide a reliable source of power, anywhere, anytime.#13#10Up to 85% longer operation *#13#10Protection against leakage#13#10Leakage in alkaline technology is mostly caused by the accumulation of hydrogen gas that generates the battery if it is over-discharged during use or when it is stored. The gas increases the pressure in the battery and can lead to leakage. Anti-leakage technology reduces the amount of gas generated and helps prevent battery leaks.#13#10The ideal solution for devices with high and medium power consumption.#13#10A complete series of products.#13#10Pro Power batteries have a 10-year shelf life and will last up to a decade from the date of production, provided they have not been used before and will be stored properly.

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