Remote controlled mains socket x3 LTC



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Excellent quality, innovative network sockets controlled by a remote control. Perfect sockets for indoor use. You can control any device connected to a wireless network socket in a very simple and quick way. Thanks to this, there is no need to disconnect the plug from the socket every time, now it is enough to press the button on the remote control and simply cut off the power supply to the receiving device.#13#10

#13#10The small size remote, operating at 433.92 MHz, lies securely in the user's hand and is extremely easy to use. It even fits in your pocket. The maximum range of the remote control is about 30 meters, which means that the user does not have to come close to the socket each time to switch on any device.#13#10

#13#10High-quality materials used during the production process, aesthetic appearance and modern design make this product not only functional, but also decorative. The use of remote controlled sockets makes the everyday life of each user much easier.#13#10

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