T-Mech 5 in 1 52cc Petrol Garden Cutter Trimmer Chainsaw Multi Tool



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5 in 1 Multi Tool Specifications

Extension Pole The extension pole is splendid for the chainsaw and hedge trimmer. When added to the tools it will add a whopping 100cm of extra reaching length!

Hedge Trimmer Impressive results when trimming hedges and bushes of a diameter lower than 24mm. Steel, double edge blade with the ability to adjust the cutting angle makes it diverse in itself – let alone being able to use all the other tools! Like the chainsaw, the hedge trimmer also comes with a safety guard.

Chainsaw Perfect for pruning trees – cutting back overhanging branches, thinning out treetops and cutting off buckled branches. The chainsaw comes with a safety cover when storing.

Grass Cutter The grass cutter will cut through grass easily. The adjustable nylon wire will allow you to cut grass patches of varying diameters. Best results are achieved with grass around 15cm high.

Brush Cutter The brush cutter can be used to cut tougher weeds, shrubs, nettles and climbing plants with a diameter of up to 13mm. The blade is a 3 pronged metal shape and is protected using a safety guard.

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Ergonomically designed, the T-Mech 5 in 1 Multi Tool is accurate, easy to use and economical. With this tool, you will be able to perform professional quality work. What more could you ask for?

The sleek 5 in 1 Multi Tool is not only lightweight and portable, but with different attachments (brush cutter, grass cutter, chainsaw and hedge trimmer) means the tool is functional and easy to use. The addition of an extension pole means you can perform these jobs at a marvellous distance of 2 meters away.

  • We are offering huge variety and savings over buying the individual power tools as this product includes a brush cutter, grass cutter, chainsaw, hedge trimmer and extension pole.
  • Adjustable attachment tools and length.
  • Free safety gear accessories including safety strap, gloves, glasses, ear protectors and leg guards.
  • The safety strap will aid easy holding – there’s no need to break your back trying to carry the tool around.
  • Easy to use and ergonomically designed throttle with the ability to drive the tool when required.
  • Fuel mixing bottle with fuel funnel – straightforward to make with no messy spills.
  • You won’t need any extra tools; we will provide everything you need other than the fuel – our T-Mech products really do aim to please.
  • CE Certificate.
  • E11 Number – the quality of our products is extremely important to us, having an E11 Number assures you this power tool is certified as a petrol powered, non road machinery by European standard.
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  • Effortless to change the attachments - simply replace and tighten with the attachment screw.
  • Easily operated and handled by one person.
  • Keep the engine lubricated with a 2 Stroke oil fuel mix.
  • 1.2 litre tank capacity.
  • Equipped with a 52cc petrol engine.
  • Remarkable power and high performance with 9000RPM.

Extension Pole 100cm H
Hedge Trimmer 236cm H
Chainsaw 215cm H
Grass Cutter 185cm H
Brush Cutter 190cm H
Engine 52cc
Tank Size 1.2 Litre
Fuel 2 Stroke Oil Mix – 40/1
Weight 14.8Kg
Power 3HP, 9000RPM

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