TS-MF3 analog timer



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High-quality programmer, designed to temporarily switch devices on and off, equipped with a grounded plug.HIGH QUALITYHigh-quality materials and high precision of workmanship guarantee a long, trouble-free service life of the device as well as the satisfaction and safety of the user. An additional advantage of this product is a reasonable value for money, which makes it even more attractive and worth recommending to everyone, even the most demanding user.PRINCIPLE OF OPERATIONThe operation of the programmer is very simple - at a time predefined by the user, it turns on or off the device connected to it. Its configuration and connection to the installation are similar. It is enough to set the time at which the device should be turned on or off. To do this, use the built-in analog knob. For the whole to work properly - the switch should be connected to the 230 V installation contact, and the controlled device to the programmer.APPLICATIONThe programmer works with all types of electrical devices. Application examples:In a household - to turn the heating on and off in your home at a selected time for a specified period of time. It allows for high energy savings by controlling the operation of, for example, water heating boilers, accumulation and convector furnaces. By controlling the lighting, it can simulate the presence of tenants in the house, during their absence it will turn on the lamp connected to itIn gardening - to control sprinklers, to turn on and off the heating and lighting of plants in greenhousesIn agriculture - to control lighting and heating in livestock buildings, to turn on and control heating lamps, infrared heaters, artificial hens, heaters, ventilation, steams, feeders, conveyorsIn hobby farms - in terrariums and aquariums to control lighting and heating, automatically changing the daylight to night lighting, maintaining the correct daily cycle of animalsWherever there is a need to control the switching on and off of electrical devices without making any changes to the existing electrical installation - for switching on night and day lighting, shop windows and light advertisements, controlling devices that work cyclically, simulating the existence of facility supervision.

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