Xiaomi sonic toothbrush Oclean X Pro Elite gray



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#13#10A sonic toothbrush is one type of electric toothbrush. It uses vibrations and audible sound waves to clean your teeth and the spaces between them very thoroughly. A sonic toothbrush uses a sweeping and pulsing motion, which is very gentle on gums and more sensitive teeth. This is an electric toothbrush that has been fitted with a speed control option. The Oclean X Pro sonic toothbrush comes with a 0.96-inch touchscreen, which is useful despite its small size. You can directly check the time, weather, brushing status and change the most important settings of the toothbrush without going to the app.#13#10#13#10The sonic toothbrush weighs only 100 grams, which means it doesn't weigh down your hand and is easy to brush your teeth with. It is therefore ideal for children. The brush measures 243 x 24.4 millimetres and is available in navy blue.#13#10#13#10The latest generation of electric toothbrushes sometimes come with a range of additional features, including Bluetooth. Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows you to use your toothbrush with an app. This can make brushing even more thorough, systematic and enjoyable. With an electric toothbrush app, you can monitor your brushing, store data and even get helpful dental advice.

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